The Top 10 Benefits of Raw Food Diet

Benefits of Raw Food Diet

A raw diet is very unique from all other diets since it doesn’t dictate what to eat but rather emphasizes on how to prepare the food. The theory behind the raw diet stems back in the days when food was never cooked or heated. The cooking of food destroys important nutrients as denatures enzymes that are responsible for fighting chronic diseases and boosting digestion. A raw diet is comprised of foods that are unprocessed, uncooked as well as organic foods. The food can be a little bit warm but should never be exposed to temperatures above 48 degrees Celsius. In terms of preparation; blenders, dehydrators and food processors may be used to prepare these raw diet foods. Some of the different types of a raw diet are nuts, vegetables, raw fruits, unpasteurized milk products, fish, raw eggs, meat, and sprouted grains. However, in order to balance your body’s nutrient requirements, it’s good to consult a dietitian. Below are the top 10 benefits of a raw food diet that you should know.

#10.Eradication of Minor Illnesses

A raw diet has been found to be very effective in the fight against the ever occurring minor illnesses such as cold, flu, migraines, headaches and allergies. This is because it contains a lot of fibers, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that fight against the causative agents of these minor illnesses. On the contrary, cooking destroys the most important vitamins such as vitamins C and Vitamin B which are very essential in maintaining a healthy body. Unlike cooked food that is added a lot of different flavors, food preservatives, and additives that cause stomach upsets and trigger chronic diseases, a raw diet is very safe and chances of causing another disease are very minimal.

#9. Strong Teeth

The ultimate solution to those who have been suffering from teeth aches and other dental diseases is using raw dietary foods. Why do experts say so? Cooked foods and processed foods contain a lot of artificial sugars that are not friendly to the teeth. The sugars turn acidic after sticking to the teeth and gums which gives bacteria a conducive environment for multiplication and growth. The bacteria cause teeth decay among other dangerous diseases to the teeth. On the contrary, raw diet only contains natural sugars that cannot harm the teeth. Therefore, a raw diet is very friendly to the mouth and yields strong teeth.

#8.Clear Sinuses

Eating cooked and processed foods every time exposes your body to dangerous toxins. The toxins are then excreted from the body through sweat, urine, feces, and mucus. However, not all toxins are eliminated from the body through these ways! Some remain in the body and cause chronic diseases. With a raw food diet, such incidences will never occur since it does not contain chemicals or added food flavors but only natural nutrients. The body, therefore, won’t produce a high amount of mucus to fight toxins. This will make your lungs, stomach and any other part of the body free from the mucus which leads to clearer sinuses.

#7.Glowing and Healthy Skin

Having a raw diet on your table every day for about 2 months changes the overall look and appearance of your skin. Many people who have been on a raw diet for some time can bear witness that there is a real positive change. Their skins have become radiant and look younger even than their age mates. It causes a reversal in aging such that the wrinkles tend to disappear with time. Also, raw foods do not contain fats or any other chemical that can affect the skin’s natural look. Do you want a glowing, sexy and well-nourished skin? Try raw foods and expect positive results after 2 months.

#6.Improved Sleep

Eating diet food is one way to have a relaxed sleep. Even if you sleep the whole day and the whole night, you cannot have fatigue or feel that the joints are tired. This is because it does not dangerous chemicals that remain in the blood and body joints, unlike cooked foods. Your body will be free from radicals and other elements that are added to processed foods in order to make them sweeter. This initiates better health to your body which makes you sleep in peace and wake full of energy without struggling to come out of the bed.

#5.Healthier Lifestyle

We all know that processed foods are made up of dangerous chemicals that cannot be digested or excreted by the body. They end up accumulating in the body to toxic levels and later trigger chronic diseases. On the other hand, the raw food diet contains a lot of phytonutrients that are known to boost the immune system. This makes your body strong and able to resist chemically induced diseases such as cancer. The raw diet also contains lots of fiber which is very essential the cleansing the entire digestion tract and the colon. Furthermore, it acts as antioxidants as well as a hormone stabilizer.

#4. Improved Energy

One of the major benefits of having a raw diet is that it improves the energy needed by your body to perform all the functions it’s supposed to. All the vitamins, minerals and other components needed by the body are contained in a raw diet. Fresh fruits contain a high number of calories and eating one in the morning gives you the energy to engage in demanding activities all day long.

#3.Mental Clarity

Raw food diet has been associated with improvement of cognitive capacity. It �lifts the fog’ out of your brain to increase your mental sharpness and concentration. You will be able to concentrate for longer periods. Also, raw food diet improves how fast you think since ideas start flowing in at a rapid rate.

#2.Improved Digestion

Improved Digestion

Many people have digestion problems due to excessive consumption of processed foods. This is because they cause a lot of digestion problems such as constipation and irritable bowel syndrome among many others. The antioxidants contained in raw diet cleanse the digestive system together with the colon to keep them free of radicals and hence prevent the development of digestion malfunctions.

#1.Weight Loss

For those who wish to lose their weight as fast as possible, then a raw diet is the wait to go. This is because they do not have a lot of calories as compared to cooked foods. This implies that one has to eat more of this food to equal the number of calories contained in processed foods. The good thing however with a raw diet is that it makes you feel full after eating just a little. Eating less food contributes to weight loss and many people are currently struggling with being overweight. The above are the top 10 benefits of a raw diet. However, before eating a raw diet, make sure that the foods are washed thoroughly to prevent bacterial illnesses. People with chronic diseases like kidney failure and pregnant women are not advised to take a raw diet.

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