Top 10 Best Post-Workout Foods for Fast Recovery

Best Post-Workout Foods for Fast Recovery

After you work out your body needs to be replenished in order to run at 100% again. This means that you should eat a snack, but not just any snack. You have to eat something that is healthy, full of protein and packed full of nutrients. This will provide your body with everything that it needs to recover and grow stronger, and it can mean less pain the next day as well!

10. Pita and Hummus

Pita and Hummus

Combine some fresh hummus with a whole grain pita and you’ll have a great snack to enjoy after working out. If you want to add something to this, then go ahead and add vegetables or lean meats. The hummus is full of protein and healthy carbohydrates that will keep you full and supply your body with nutrients.

9. Protein Pancakes

Protein Pancake

Mix a scoop of your favorite protein powder with two egg yolks and a little bit of water. Fry this on a hot pan and when it’s done you’ll have healthy pancakes that are much better for you than regular hotcakes.

8. Cheese and Whole Wheat Crackers

Cheese and Whole Wheat Cracker

Cheese is great for post workouts because it’s full of protein and other enzymes that are good for your body. Combine this with whole wheat crackers that are low in calories and full of fiber.

7. Jerky

If you don’t have time to prepare a meal with a lot of protein, then snack on some jerky. This is a great form of protein that is very convenient and easy to find. You can eat turkey, beef or any other kind of meat that you like! Just make sure to buy in bulk so that you save money.

6. Protein Bars

These are especially affordable when purchased in bulk, and they come in all types of flavors. Just make sure to read the nutritional information before you buy, or else you could be consuming something closer to a candy bar. You want something that tastes good, but also something that is good for you. Look for a lot of protein, low sugar and a balanced amount of carbohydrates.

5. Tuna


Stock up on cans of natural tuna and eat this after you work out. Not only is this fish packed full of nutrients, it’s also full of protein that is great for your muscles. In addition to this, tuna is very low in calories so it’s great for a diet. The cans are also affordable and can be transported anywhere you go without much of a problem, just don’t forget a fork.

4. Almonds and Nuts

Almonds and other types of nuts are great for you because of how much protein they have in them. Just make sure you measure out the calorie counts, or else you could end up eating too many servings at a time. The best part about these, other than their nutrients, is that they will keep you full for a long time. Nuts have a lot of fiber that will keep you satiated so you’re less likely to continue snacking.

3. Yogurt


Yogurt is great for your digestive system, but it’s also high in protein that’s good for your muscles. It’s also low in calories, so it is a healthy treat for anyone who is trying to diet. If you don’t want to purchase this from the store, then go out and purchase a yogurt maker. These are easy to use and can save you a lot of money if you use them often. This also gives you control of your ingredients and makes sure you’re not eating questionable chemicals.

2. Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is high in calories, but it’s also high in protein. There are even certain types of peanut butter that are made without sugar and other additives, so they are natural and much better for you. Have a serving of this on a whole wheat rice cake, some celery or even some whole wheat bread. This will keep you full and give you some much-needed nutrients as well!

1. Protein Shake

Protein Shake

There are a ton of different protein powders on the market to choose from. They range in their ingredients, but also their flavors! You can mix them with water or put a scoop in the blender with some milk and fruit. There are a lot of great recipes you can find online, so experiment with different combinations to see what you like. The protein in the powder will help your muscles heal and it will give you energy without a lot of carbohydrates or sugar.

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