Top 10 Foods High in Potassium

Foods High in Potassium

Potassium is an essential electrolyte that ensures healthy muscles while facilitating normal kidney and heart functions. It also aids in normalizing your blood pressure to reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Moreover, potassium promotes the efficient metabolism of protein and carbohydrates.

You can get your daily supply of potassium from a wholesome diet that is packed with vegetables and fruits and low in sodium. The following are the top 10 foods high in potassium that you should include in your regular diet.

1. Raisins


This is an excellent snack food item that you can eat whenever or wherever. What’s more, it is rich in minerals and vitamins to promote good health and nutrition. Half a cup or one serving of raisins provide your body with 543 mg of potassium. However, you should keep in mind that some grapes where raisins come from are laced with pesticides. Thus, it is better to choose organic ones to ensure the outstanding quality of raisins.

2. Tomatoes


A small piece of tomato contains 909 mg of potassium, which is also equivalent to a cup of tomato juice or tomato sauce. To meet your body’s required daily amount of potassium, making it a point to drink a cup of tomato juice a day or mix some tomato sauce on pasta.

3. Clams



Clams are packed with essential minerals and vitamins such as vitamin B12 and Iron. Moreover, they are rich in potassium, and at least three ounces of this seafood contains 534 mg of potassium.

4. Beet Greens

Beet Greens

The green portion of beets is a great source of vitamin K and A, as well as 655 mg potassium for half a cup serving. You can use this food item as a substitute for collards recipes, so you can have your daily supply of beta carotene, vitamin A and potassium.

5. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

This type of superfood is an excellent source of potassium. In fact, one piece of sweet potato delivers 694 mg of potassium, which is about 15 percent of the recommended DV. Another great thing about sweet potatoes is that they are great sources of vitamin A and beta carotene among several other nutrients.

6. Potatoes


When eaten with the skin, one potato contains 145 calories and 610 mg of potassium. Furthermore, this healthy food is packed with vitamin B6, which ensures healthy skin and hair.Since some potatoes are mixed with pesticides, it is a better option to eat organic ones whenever possible.

7. Yogurt


This tasty and nutritious dairy snack is an ultimate source of calcium. In addition, eating 8 ounces of non-fat plain yogurt can supply your body with 579 mg of potassium. Hence, make it a point to eat yogurt daily to attain excellent health.

8. Orange juice

Orange juice is a breakfast staple that is renowned for its rich supply of vitamin C. Aside from this essential nutrient, orange juice is also a great source of potassium and other minerals. You can also either eat up or drink fresh orange daily to keep your body strong and healthy each day.

9. White beans


This type of legume as with any other beans are great sources of protein, fiber, and starch. In fact, half a cup of this superfood contains 595 mg of potassium, which is also a great source of iron.

10. Pork tenderloin

Pork tenderloin

If you are a meat lover, then you should include pork tenderloin in your daily diet to meet your body’s needs for potassium. By consuming at least three ounces of this pork tenderloin, your body will receive 38 mg of potassium, as well as other essential nutrients such as protein and iron.

Bottom Line

Potassium deficiency is uncommon for most people, although this condition may occur when there is an immense loss of fluid due to diuretics intake, strenuous or excessive exercise and diarrhea. Additionally, deficiency results from eating low-calorie diets or at least 800 calories daily, kidney disorders, alcoholism, and poor management of diabetes. Among the common symptoms of potassium deficiency include loss of appetite, weakness, fatigue, nausea, and muscle cramps.

Fortunately, you can minimize chances of potassium deficiency because several types of foods are rich in this mineral. By eating the food items included in the list, you can maintain your normal blood pressure and ensure the balance of minerals and fluids in your body for proper nerve and muscle functions.

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