Top 10 Home Remedies for Yeast Infection

Home Remedies for Yeast Infection

Some women suffer from a terribly uncomfortable burning sensation and itching on their private parts, which may be symptoms of yeast infections. With an overgrowth of a kind of yeast called Candida Albicans in the affected area, you are likely to suffer from moderate to intense symptoms that can be quite disturbing. This condition is caused by several factors including the use of antibiotics or oral contraceptives. It’s even worse for women who are pregnant, going through their menopause, or suffering from diabetes. So, if you suspect that yeast infection’s present in your body, then you should consult your doctor for immediate diagnosis and treatment. Alternatively, here are some common home remedies that are effective in reducing or even eliminating symptoms of yeast infection. Find out more about these options as you read along.

10. Pau d’arco

An excellent way to reduce yeast overgrowth is by using this herb that’s common in South American regions. You can purchase this herb in liquid form, which makes it easier and more convenient to use in treating yeast infection. You only need to take liquid Pau d’arco as a tincture, which you may either apply topically or ingest. The safest dosage that’s bound to provide relief is a quarter teaspoon daily. Dosage may also be increased if you plan to use this herb externally. Keep in mind, though, that this herb works better when used as a preventative measure the moment you notice a sign of yeast infections.

9. Palmarosa Oil

Palmarosa Oil

Another great herbal medication for yeast infections is the palmarosa oil, which is the type of oil obtained from the plant that is from the same family of grass as the lemongrass. To prepare the right mixture in treating infections caused by yeast, simply combine 4 drops of palmarosa oil with 2 drops of tea tree oil. Mix thoroughly until the ingredients thicken slightly. This will then be used as a topical treatment on the affected area, and you can expect significant improvements in your condition in a week’s time.

8. Plain Yogurt

Craving for a tasty dessert? Skip those fatty ice creams and consider eating plain yogurt instead. This nutritious and yeast-busting food item contains a high percentage of live cultures of lactobacillus acidophilus, or “good” bacteria that aid in restoring the number of healthy bacteria in your body. You may choose to eat yogurt or use this as a topical cream that you can apply on the infected area at least twice a day. As much as possible, avoid eating flavored or sweetened yogurts since they contain sugar that encourages the overgrowth of yeast. Since your goal is to drive them away, then the last thing you want is to make them more reasons to linger in your body.

7. Unsweetened Cranberry Juice

Looking for a great refreshing drink to beat the warm day? Forget about lemonade this time, and consume a serving of unsweetened cranberry juice instead. Several studies have shown that cranberries can treat urinary tract infections, as well as yeast infections because of the active ingredients in this dark-colored fruit. If you prefer to buy ones in a carton or bottle, check the label and make sure you purchase 100 percent cranberry juice. As mentioned previously, sweetened products contain high amounts of sugar that do nothing to improve your condition.

6. Garlic


This natural antibiotic is a mainstay in everyone’s list of home remedies because of its remarkable power in restoring or improving one’s health. For your yeast infection, simply add some minced garlic to your meals, or if you dare, you may chew on a piece of plain garlic. The antibacterial components in garlic can help minimize the amount of yeast in the affected area and eventually give you long-term relief.

5. Boric Acid

You can find some boric acid that also works as vaginal capsules, which is perfect for yeast infection in your private areas. Use a small amount of boric acid in powder form and gelatin capsules that you can open up, so you can fill both of its sides with some of the powder. Afterward, close the gel capsule and insert it in the infected part. This technique may be done every day for a couple of weeks. Several doctors prescribe this to women who suffer from infections and barely had any relief from usual medications. However, you should never take the capsule orally, and avoid applying it on wounds or open sores.

4. Yeast-Free Diet

Take a good look at the types of food you consume each day and keep in mind that your diet has a massive effect on your health. Since your body has a high level of yeast, the best thing to do is to follow a yeast-free diet that does not include white flour, sugar, and dairy. You should also make a conscious effort to stop eating fermented foods such as vinegar or yeast breads. It is also important to note that anything that has vinegar in it such as sauerkraut, salad dressings, and Miso can trigger nasty symptoms. The same is true with other drinks that are fermented such as wine and beer.

3. Apple-Cider Vinegar

What’s great about apple cider vinegar is its effectiveness in treating a number of ailments including weight loss and yeast infection. Since this is a natural and safe ingredient, there is nothing to worry about whether you take it orally or apply the mixture on your skin. However, it is quite strong, so you may have to think of other ways to use it without causing you to stink or experience skin irritation. For instance, you may add a cup of apple cider vinegar into your bathwater for a relaxing and invigorating warm bath. Whatever you do, though, make sure you stay away from white vinegar that encourages the growth of yeast.

2. Gentian Violet

This herbal medicine may be purchased at any local pharmacies, for your ultimate convenience. Simply soak a large and long swab of cotton with this ingredient, and coat affected areas with it. You may do this technique regularly until you no longer experience any symptoms. A little reminder – this practice can be messy and the material causes discoloration of clothes.

1. Tea Tree

Tea Tree

Make a special douche made of tea tree oil for immediate relief and reduction of yeast level in your body. Just combine one tablespoon of tea tree oil and one cup of lukewarm water. Use this as a douche at last once daily for excellent results.

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