Revealed: The Top 10 Architectural Schools In The US

Architecture is one of the best courses in the US and is offered by different institutions. The course is offered at both the undergraduate and the postgraduate levels by many universities. Every year, each university deploys their architecture graduates to the job market but not all of them perform in their respective fields. This has made many organizations prefer architects from specific colleges due to their competency and professionalism. Due to this, a survey is conducted every year on the best architectural colleges in US. Different surveys were conducted in 2014 by different independent research companies to find out which colleges hold the top ten spot in teaching architecture. Over 1500 professional practice organizations were surveyed and asked, “Which colleges produce the best architects in the industry?” Other questions used involved the study materials each college possesses and the entry marks among many others. Below is a list of top 10 best architectural schools in US according to different survey findings.

#10. Princeton University

The university’s school of architecture has modern equipment for teaching their architecture students about the modern challenges that the industry faces. They concentrate on research and how the course has changed and evolved with time. It molds students according to modern pros and cons of the industry. The staff is led by academician PhD holders who have been in the field for long which makes the students fully baked by the time they step into the job market. The school of architecture offers different levels of architectural professionals; the undergraduate (BSc. Arch.Arch),post graduate (MSc. Arch.Arch) and PhD.

#9. University of Cincinnati

This university was ranked number 9 in 2014 by various surveys that were conducted. The school of design, architecture and planning has a great reputation globally in terms of churning out highly qualified architects with ability of coming out with complex designs. It has modern tools and equipment in order to make sure that all the professionals being groomed meet the job market demands. In 2005, this college produced the most innovative architecture program in the whole US after beating competition from many known universities. From there, every year has seen it feature among the top 10 architectural schools in the US though in a different position.

#8.Cornell University

This university has been acknowledged for offering architectural courses that combine both the traditional and modern architectural capabilities. It strives to beat competitors by equipping their students with knowledge on how to handle real life issues both theoretically and practically. This gives their architects trained from this college an upper hand in the job market. Both their undergraduate and post graduate architectural programs are supervised by highly qualified individuals who are recognized by the architectural US board. This is a boost to all the students since it ensures competency and professionalism in the field.

#7.Harvard University

This sis one of the best architectural schools in the US offering undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees in various fields of architecture such as urban design, landscape and architecture, urban planning and design studies. In 2014, it was credited to be the top university in the US that offers quality architectural studies. The architectural studies offered in this university are recognized worldwide which makes all their graduates get jobs in different corners of the world. The school is located just a few miles northeast of Harvard University and has approximately 500 students.

#6. Iowa State University

Architecture and landscape courses taught at Iowa State University are among the best in the world. This has made many different students from different parts of the world flock in this school to have quality and proven architectural knowledge. The institution is licensed and registered and for many years, it has served to be a stepping stone for many students who wanted to live their architectural dream. For those who want to be internationally recognized architects in the world, then Iowa State University School of architecture is among the best choices.

#5. Syracuse University

All the architectural courses offered by this university are certified by the National Architectural and Accrediting Board (NAAB). The undergraduate degrees take 5 years to complete. By the time the 5 years are over, all the students are fully equipped with design skills that make them competitive in the job market. If you want to pursue architecture in US, Syracuse University is one of the architectural schools we would recommend you to. Follow up your architectural dream and make it realizable by enrolling in this institution.

#4.Columbia University

This is among the first universities in the US to offer architectural courses. Since 1881, this university has produced top architects who are well versed with different designs and professional knowledge in coming up with real cost of expected buildings and all other concerns. What has also made the university stand out is qualified teaching staff. According to the survey, Columbia University has various professors and PhD holders. This gives the students competency and skills that the market demands.

#3. Pennsylvania University

After being established, University of Pennsylvania started offering architectural course in 2014. Since the, what has followed is a series of awards from the National Architectural and Accrediting board for being the best university in the US n different years.


of Texas Located in Austin, the University of Texas has maintained professionalism and relevance in teaching architectural courses since time memorial. It offers degree, masters and doctoral architectural degrees to qualified individuals every year. This has made it feature in America’s top 10 architectural schools. The architectural courses offered include interior design, landscape architecture and architecture as a whole. The staff is led by academia PhD holders who have been in the field for long which makes the students fully baked by the time they step into the job market. The school offers different levels of architectural professionals; the undergraduate (BSc. Architecture), Masters in architecture and doctor of philosophy degrees in architecture as well.

#1.University of Michigan

The list of top 10 architectural schools in US wouldn’t be complete without University of Michigan. It has been producing world’s best ecological designers. It has professional staff plus modern equipment that ensure that all the students passing through the institution have adequate skills that are demanded in the market.

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