Top 10 Tips on How to Get Rid of Fleas in House

Are you bothered about having fleas in the house and in your yard? If you are getting quite frustrated already because of flea infestation in your home, then these tips can come in handy.

10. Use warm and soapy water

Use warm and soapy water

Warm water mixed with mild soap can help you wash off areas infested by fleas. This solution is useful when you do not want to rely on chemical-based flea products in the market. All you need to do is to wash your pet’s coat thoroughly with warm and soapy water and make sure you do this regularly. While this technique may work longer, you can ensure your pet’s condition because you do not use chemicals that can only harm its health.

9. Vacuum all parts of your home thoroughly

Vacuum all parts of your home thoroughly.

Never leave a single area in your home uncleaned just to make sure that you have removed these pests. You should move furniture and vacuum areas well, and you may even use smaller attachments to the vacuum to clean tight spaces well. Then, you should empty the vacuum canister or throw it away to make sure that these fleas will no longer return to your home.

8. Use diatomaceous earth to control fleas

Use diatomaceous earth to control fleas.

You may consider sprinkling diatomaceous earth on your floor to control these annoying pests. This product has a powdery substance that you can find in most home improvement shops. It is safe to touch the powder, but it is very potent in leaving fatal cuts of the fleas’ bodies. Hence, fleas can lose blood and suffer from dehydration, which will eventually kill them. If necessary, reapply this component after you have vacuumed the floor and carpets.

7. Apply boric acid

A boric acid-based product is another effective solution for your problem with flea infestation. This is also a great way to get rid of fleas when you have other types of animals in the household. Basically, boric acid is not toxic to humans and animals except for fleas. With constant exposure to boric acid, fleas will eventually die. When you use boric acid-based products on carpets and any other areas in the household infected with fleas, make sure you work it well into the fibers of your carpet. Then, vacuum these portions to remove any excess powder. As soon as fleas come in contact with boric acid, they will immediately die. Afterward, remove dead fleas by vacuuming the area again.

6. Use Nylar for your flooring

If you have fleas crawling around your flooring, then you may opt for Nylar or pyriproxyfen that can remove these pesky creatures in your home. This product helps control the growth and breeding of fleas, by preventing flea eggs from hatching. This way, not only can you get rid of existing fleas, but you can also control more of these pests from multiplying.

5. Get rid of fleas from your carpets

Fleas do not remain on your pet’s body, and they may also thrive in your upholstery and carpet. So, make sure you check all areas of your home regularly, so you can be sure that there are no fleas lying around. Vacuuming carpets and wiping floors daily can help control the growth and spread of these pests.

4. Check for flea eggs in the house

Clean all sections of your home regularly. This means, you need to vacuum your rugs and furniture everyday, particularly areas where your pet stays most of the time. In addition, make it a point to wash pet bedding in warm water and dry it on direct sunlight. Keep in mind that when you vacuum your home, you can eliminate as much as 30 percent of larvae, as well as about 60 percent of flea eggs stuck on carpet fibers.

3. Control the breeding of fleas

Aside from adult fleas, hatching is also resolved by anti-flea products you can find in the market. By using these products, you can greatly reduce the population size of these pests. Comb through your pet’s hair using a flea comb, which can catch these crawling creatures in between its coat. You may also consult a professional for the most effective flea control product that will not harm your pet.

2. Repel fleas using herbs

You may consider using the eucalyptus, among a few herbs that can solve your problems with fleas. Plants that give off strong odors such as clove, peppermint, lavender, citrus, citronella and eucalyptus can be effective flea repellents. For instance, you may use cedar beds for your dog, as it can repel fleas well. Although the scent will not kill them, it can discourage them from infesting the area. In case there are bits of dried lavender and cedar chips left, you may want to vacuum up some of these to deodorize areas in the house.

1. Use a dish of water with drops of soap

Use a dish of water with drops of soap

If you want to catch fleas even while you sleep, you may use a bowl of water with drops of soap. Then, place this under the light on the floor, which can attract pests and cause them to get stuck in the dish. Afterwards, flush the dish of water full of fleas for proper disposal.

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