Top 10 Ways to Make Your Dog Happy

Ways to Make Your Dog Happy

If you want to ensure your pet’s happiness and good overall health, then you should treat him with lots of TLC. It is not enough that you give your dog food to eat or water to drink every day; you need to make sure that all of his needs are met instead of just the essentials. The following are the

top 10 ways to make your dog happy, which can also help your pet stay in perfect shape and superior mental health.

10. Provide your pet a cozy shelter.

The ultimate protection that every dog needs against harsh elements is his coat. Whether it is cold or hot, you need to make sure that your pet has a suitable shelter that will keep him safe and relaxed. Provide a good place for your furry friend to sleep in and obtain protection from wind, rain, cold and heat even when he lives outside your house.

9. Supply your pet with dry and clean bedding.

If your dog sleeps inside your house, provide him with a crate lined with a cozy blanket, dog pillow or towel that is washable and easy to remove. Dogs appreciate staying in their crate or den as this gives them comfort and a sense of security. In case you are not fond of using a crate, you may allow your pet to choose his own sleeping area that will not cause you any inconveniences. In most cases, you may notice your dog crawling under a desk, on your bed or the table. While most pet owners allow their dogs to sleep on their bedroom, make it a point to provide your dog with his own bedding, so he will be accustomed to sleeping in one place every night instead of roaming around and bothering you.

8. Give your dog fresh and clean water.

The cheapest and most important nutrient that you can provide your dog is fresh drinking water. You should provide a small bowl where your dog could drink conveniently. Bowls made of stainless steel with a flat and wide bottom are great options because these do not break and are easy to clean. What’s more, your dog are not likely to turn these over or cause the water to spill.

7. Feed your dog with high quality and nutritious food.

Although you may find several brands of pet food in the market, you must make sure that the one you feed your dog has an excellent reputation for its nutritive value and taste. You should also check the ingredients, and avoid those that may cause allergies to your pet. You may check online reviews for some ideas on the best brand of pet food to buy, and ask your vet for recommendations when it comes to the right food for your dog’s unique needs.

6. Maintain your pet’s ideal body weight.

As with humans, obesity is never a good thing for dogs. Most obese dogs are prone to skeletal problems, heart disease, diabetes, kidney failure and lack of energy. Moreover, your pet will feel and look much better when his weight is within the normal range. The best way to find out if your pet is obese is to check his body outline from the top portion to his side. As you look down on your pet, you should notice its waist. From the side portion, the belly should be a bit tucked up with the ribs’ outline a little apparent but not entirely visible. If you notice that the ribs are too visible, then your dog is below its normal weight.

5. Give your pet plenty of exercise

Give your pet plenty of exercise
A mixed Labrador female dog looking up and running after the chew toy her trainer is holding.

Exercise is an important part of your dog’s healthy lifestyle. By simply allowing your dog to walk or run a few distances each day, you can give him ample exercise on a regular basis. However, you need to make your dog accustomed to wearing his leash each time you two go for a walk. You should also understand that the distance and speed you walk your dog depends on his fitness level, breed and age. Young pups may be capable of walking fast for quite a short time, but they get tired easily. If you want to walk your young dog, you must be prepared to carry him part of the way. On the other hand, adult dogs are willing to go as fast and as far as you want them to be. However, you should keep in mind that older dogs are prone to arthritis and low thyroid, and they may lose their endurance and stamina as they age. By giving your dog regular exercises, you can manage his weight, keep his muscles in great condition and slow down the progress of bones and joints diseases.

4. Spend time playing with your pet.

Dogs are naturally pack animals and they may be easy to deal with on certain circumstances. When they are given a chance to socialize, they can be quite happy and contented being with people or other dogs while also being capable of tolerating times of solitude. Unfortunately, dogs are not able to tolerate instances when they are forced to live their lives alone because they need companions in order to thrive. With this in mind, make it a point to spend quality time with your pet and playing with him to ensure his outstanding condition.

3. Take your pet to the vet annually

Take your pet to the vet

A vet is one of the most significant people in your dog’s life because this medical expert understands exactly how to deal with your pet’s issues. In fact, you may want to find a vet before you start looking for a pet. An excellent way to do this is by inquiring from people you know when it comes to basic details about vets, and health requirements for most dogs. If you think a vet does not offer much information and does not act kindly towards you, then you should find another clinic with better customer service.

2. Try your best to keep your dog in manageable condition at all times.

It may be a huge challenge to keep your pet under control to ensure his safety and others’. Nevertheless, being in control of your pet is important to prevent him from hurting others or himself. An effective way to control your pet is by leash, confinement or voice. You may teach your dog to come and be prepared to be firm, yet generous with praises as your dog master this technique.

1. Teach your dog a sense of purpose.

These pack animals think of your family as his pack, so you need to assign a special task that it is expected to perform no matter what circumstances. So, try to give your pet a sense of purpose and he will appreciate you for the love and effort that you give him in his times of needs.

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