Top 10 Ways to Stop Hair Loss

Worried about your thinning or falling hair? Well, try not to be, since there are plenty of ways to solve your hair misery. Sure, there are artificial techniques to save yourself from hair loss, but you can at least begin with natural remedies that are proven to work just as well. What’s more, you can save a lot of money by relying on home remedies, or perhaps simply altering your diet and lifestyle before you do something drastic about your hair problems. Maybe you used wrong hair claws as well, we recommend you to try these Hair Claws from LYSSS.

Basically, hair loss is caused by a wide range of factors including poor diet, side effects from medications, pollution, your genetic makeup, protein deficiency, and stress. Men and women are prone to hair loss, and this condition may occur at any point in a person’s life. While this problem may alarm you completely, it’s something that can be resolved with the right techniques. So, you may want to check out and try these top 10 ways to stop hair loss and regain the beauty of your crowning glory.

10. Don’t let stress get the best of you

It’s inevitable for anyone to experience stress. Whether you’re in your teens, in your 30’s or late 50’s, you’re bound to come across circumstances that are not so pleasant. While no one can escape from stress, that’s not to say that you won’t be able to go past it. In fact, it only takes stress management and relaxation techniques to get you back on track despite the presence of problems that easily wear you down. If you let stress destroy you, you’ll end up losing your hair and feel even worse about yourself. So, break that habit of succumbing to stress. Get plenty of rest, eat a balanced diet, and exercise daily to keep your mind and body ready to take on any stressful situation.

9. Good nutrition is key

Good nutrition is key

You are what you eat. That’s a well-known adage that people should keep in mind to put an end to blaming everything else but themselves when they come across a challenging experience. Naturally, when your body receives the right amount of nutrients daily, it’s only expected that you’ll look healthy in every way – from the ends of your hair to the tip of your toes. So, if hair loss is a massive issue that you want to solve naturally, then a good diet is the ultimate solution for you.

8. Try to undergo treatments upon confirmation of your hair loss.

Consider going to your dermatologist who can analyze any issues with your scalp that may be causing your hair to fall. This is preferably done a the onset of the problem since it’s something that you should not take lightly. With accurate and early diagnosis of what’s causing falling hair, you will be able to receive the right treatment option before things get worse. Just make it a point to follow your doctor’s recommendations, so you can soon say hello to your long, thick and breathtaking mane.

7. Brushing your hair is okay, but not when it’s still wet.

Wet hair is vulnerable and prone to breakage when brushed, so you should at least dry it off a bit and just use a wide-toothed comb instead of a brush. When you brush wet hair, this can cause even shorter pieces to snap, leaving you with plenty of hair stuck in your brush. What’s more, brushing frequently even when your hair is already dry can be detrimental to your mane. If you want to smoothen your hair, then you may simply use your fingers to get rid of tangles instead of running your brush down through each section of your hair.

6. Avoid over-styling your hair.

Everyone has a bad hair day, and it’s something that may annoy you completely, particularly when you need to run some errands or go to an important appointment. However, using styling products frequently such as mousse, hair gel, hair spray, and the like can do more harm than good to your mane. The same situation goes with the use of tight elastics or hair clips, since these accessories and styling products affect the strength and quality of your hair. So, before you plug in that hair dryer or curling iron, think first about the consequences you may suffer from by ignoring what your hair needs.

5. Don’t be misled by the fad.

Thanks to those shampoo commercials, you’re probably sold out to the idea that shampoos enriched with protein can prevent hair loss. It may be true that these shampoos can make your hair a bit thicker by filling in some gaps on your hair shaft, yet they are useless when it comes to repairing damaged hair, which will eventually start falling out. With this in mind, you should consider spending your money on products that are proven to solve hair loss problems instead of relying on those stunning advertisements.

4. Go easy on artificial hair coloring products.

No one likes dull hair, which makes more people hooked on dyeing their hair almost every month. The thing is, coloring your hair every 6 to 8 weeks is suicide to your mane. These products are heavy on harsh chemicals, so it’s not surprising that you start losing hair at an early age because of frequent hair coloring sessions. If you insist on getting a nice hair color to complement your skin tone and express your individuality, then you should at least wait for 3 months or so before you wear another shade.

3. Lay off the heat.

When hair gets frequent and direct exposure to sunlight, it’s bound to become more brittle and prone to damages. This is the same issue with using heating or drying equipment such as a hairdryer. Consider a hair-friendly alternative instead such as towel-drying hair to prevent damaged hair follicles or burned scalp.

2. Know how long your hair grows or when you need a trim.

According to hair experts, at least 90 percent of your mane follows a 2 to 6-year growth paceThis means, shedding is accompanied with a great loss of hair by up to 150 strands daily. Make sure you’re aware of this fact, so you can stop stressing out about your hair growing slowly than normal.

1. Take supplements when necessary.

If your body fails to receive the right amount of nutrients and minerals to ensure the quality of your hair, then a you may want to start taking supplements. Essential minerals that help boost hair growth include vitamin C, iron, biotin, and inositol. So, speak with your doctor for several options so save your hair from damages.

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